Out Of Matter

by Last Lightship

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released August 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Last Lightship Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: New Horizons
Picking flowers at the stream, wandering in your own dream
I’ll come and catch you if I may, I will await the final day
The sun will melt, the stars will tell, the seas will burn, the beast will turn

The oceans boiling over, crushing down on soldiers
Who didn’t mind the view, of slaughtering the Sioux
See the new horizons, il doit etre liaison
Venir à la conclusion, we must be together
Fighting down the tower, power – Babel power
Flee to new horizons, I can see it brighten
(They merely see the lights)

If you tell me your magic name, I will show you that I’m to blame
For the autumn fallen trees, and the rot that in them feeds
The stars they hide, stardust in the skies, deep under church, a demon lurks

You open your eyes - awoken by the bees, they fly around our honey tree
May I stand here by your side, and watch our galaxies collide
The sun is bright, we feel the light, it’s everywhere, and I don’t care
Track Name: Shine In The Dark
I see you there in the sky at night
You look so frightened, your light shines bright
What will it come to at the end of the trip?
I need to caress my lip with a lip

There You are, you shine in your eyes
Shine like a star, shine like a star
Where do we flee to, I don’t know the path
Shine in the dark, shine in the dark
Hold my hand, I’m going too fast
Tremble and fall, I will tremble and fall
Your soul is bright, I’ve seen it in time
It’s in your eyes, they light up so bright

You come to my door, at three A.M.
And ask me whether you’re to blame again
Nothing will ever stay the same way
She looks at the sky and the stars are at play
Track Name: The Velvet Glow
Walking in the shadow, the buildings shatter
Bells are tolling, we’re out of matter
War is all around and the girl in white
Stands in the middle and flies a kite
The soldiers shoot it down, and she turns around
Now she’s a beast, a beast with a crown

The dreams are made of lightning strings
Dripping from the stars, down deep within
To the dark nether, of the final test
The velvet glow and we feel the breath
of a spiders nest

Shaking in sweat, You just missed a bomb
Walking further down in the endless tomb
Up on the ceiling the girl is flowing
In her bright dress and the light keeps growing
We’re nearer the dogstar, than ever will be
Fly with me and I’ll set You free
Track Name: Don't Let Go
The same time – the same space, the sun shines down on your face
The end is coming, don’t let go
Our world will never change – the same rainbow shines up again
A flying dove, tells the strain
In four days we leave the pain, and forty seconds round again
Your flying dreams are made of shame, and we are all to blame

Will you ever set me free
Can you see It’ll never be

The forth night – the moon is bright, we sit up and hold real tight
Your body’s warm, don’t let go
The skyline’s murky, the city runs deep, all good children are asleep
The end is nearer, wipe your eyes
In four more seconds we breathe the air, and You know I did really care
One same idea has crossed your mind, the world is just unkind,

Will you come over for tea
Will you hold hands with me

Something in the air tonight, all the stars are shining bright
They tell a tale of forgotten dreams, come with me, I’ll let you see
40 seconds till the end. Ten! Three! Two! One!

The same time - the same place, but we are in outer space
Put on your clothes, all can see
Into your mind, no one is blind, every secret shows behind
The veil of soul, so very kind
The earth is falling deep beneath, can you keep it up, can you use your teeth
You’re a burning flower that glows and grows, everything around you knows

Your soul will show
Please, I tell you, don’t let go
Track Name: State Of Mind
Just You - say the words
Only live – in the sun
Feel my hand - on Your skin
Feel good - deep within

Be kind - feel it in Your state of mind
Stay by me – forever feeling FREE
Any chance – heart and body in a glance
Beauty found – Your state of mind is all around

Feel Your body - being warm
Heart and soul - deep within
Know the glow - Your life’s a dream
Take control – of Your flame within
Track Name: Since Time
Time is slowly eating Your life away
Time is chewing while You are at play
Find Your path, no need to run
Travel beyond and back again

Quietly playing in the sun
Being alone, is there anyone?
You hear a click, it’s at the door
You feel it’s over… a new start

You know it’s not real, You’re not even here
You feel the soft light, beyond all fears
Movement is slowly turning away
From all the insanity, shame and decay

We need to ask, is there a goal
When every and all is without any soul
Soon it will all turn night again
Run with me into the sun, old friend

Hear the sound, the sound is round, feel the air, it is rising
Feel the cold time moving away, you will make it back again
Track Name: Shadow Light
Into the void, the world unknown
Faint at heart, you’d better run
Crimson suns are all around
Dance into the sound
Come and make the day
A brighter day

Force to win, annihilate
Force the change, obliterate
Chances are, we’ve gone too far
I keep my demons in a jar
Will you evil feed
To be freed

I am at the edge, no hope ahead
Dark iron cage, no escape
Look in the shadow
Light lurks deep within
Where will we run
Run into sun

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